My Fascinating Experience through “Reading”

My Fascinating Experience through “Reading”

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For a few days ago I’ve been reading this book, “The Secret Garden”, and yesterday I was definitely wowed by a certain sentence in it. I felt the dots connecting in my brain, thorough this encounter.

(Here’s the one I’m reading now, actually!! ⬇️)

“The Secret Garden: The Cinematic Nobel”

Adapted by Linda Chapman
Based on the screenplay by Jack Thorne
Based on the original novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Harper Collins Publishers, 2020

The key passage that fascinated me is below:

Jemima’s yelps of pain stabbed thorough Mary like a knife. The material jaws of the trap were crushing the poor dog’s leg, and her eyes looked wild. As Mary crouched down, Jemima snapped at her, mad with pain. Mary jumped back in alarm.
Jemima struggled, hurting her leg even more as she did so.
“No, don’t, please don’t!” Mary begged, tears welling in her eyes.


(Note that “Jemima” is the dog’s name Mary named, and the “Mary” is a girl, the main character of this story.)

Well, where’s the particular cause made me like that? …The answer is…

“No, don’t, please don’t!” Mary begged, tears welling in her eyes.”

This part.

A few more days ago before I started reading the book, I watched the shorts on YouTube that introduces the phrase “Well Up.” ⬇️

At that time – the first time I watched it – I just felt the meaning of it only slightly. But… after I found it again, in the book, the phrase finally penetrated strongly into me.

(By the way, she, the woman in the shorts, is a self-taught English leaner and has spent most of her life in Japan, as a non-native user of English! That’s why I admire her.)

Through this little experience, I’ve learned that reading a lot is one of the best ways to learn languages, to expand my vocabulary and more. For me, “reading” is always enjoyable time, luckily, so I’ll continue to do it 😉

And I also hope that someday, I wanna become like that, can read and understand easily and more naturally than now in both languages – Japanese and English (and even some other languages too) !!

そら / Sora

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