Bonito Flakes & Cheese Onigiri Recipe

Bonito Flakes & Cheese Onigiri Recipe

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Today I made this “Bonito Flakes & Cheese Onigiri” for my breakfast. 🍙 🧀 🐟
I literally love Onigiri (rice balls) coz they’re so versatile, delicious and easy to make.

Btw the “Bonito Flakes” is called “Katsuo-bushi” in Japanese, and you’ll also find it in the toppings of Takoyaki. 🐙


  • Cooked short grain rice
  • Cheese
  • Bonito flakes
  • Soy sauce

All you need to do is JUST add everything above to a bowl, mix and shape & squeeze.

This recipe was inspired by the IG post below. Special thanks to @onigiri_reshipi 😉

Try it now!!

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